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Downspout Installation

Installing downspouts helps manage rainwater runoff, protecting your home’s foundation and landscape. Choose Lindholm Roofing today for expert installation.

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About Downspouts

Properly installed downspouts prevent water damage to your home’s foundation and landscaping. Our service ensures your downspouts are correctly fitted and functioning efficiently. With Lindholm Roofing, you receive expert service tailored to your home’s specific needs.

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Multiple Options

Types of Downspouts

Downspouts are essential for channeling rainwater away from your home’s foundation. Types include rectangular, round, and corrugated round, each offering unique benefits. Lindholm Roofing is your trusted provider for professional downspout installation and maintenance, ensuring durability and performance.

types of downspouts

Round Downspouts

The smooth design or round downspouts minimizes clogs and ensures consistent water flow. A common style installed on both residential and commercial buildings, and available in 3”, 4”, 5” or 6” diameter.

Corrugated Round Downspouts

Ideal for areas with heavy rainfall, corrugated round downspouts provide enhanced water flow, and allow “self-cleaning” with the corrugated surface.  Most commonly installed on commercial buildings, and available in 3”, 4”, 5” or 6” diameter.

Rectangular Downspouts

Perfect for homes and buildings with traditional K style Gutters, rectangular downspouts are versatile. Most commonly installed on residential buildings, and available in standard 2” X 3” or oversized 3” X 4”, with larger sizes available for custom order.

Rectangular Downspouts

Rectangular downspouts are the most common residential style in the Chicagoland area, designed for high water discharge, suitable for large roof areas. Their shape provides a modern aesthetic, complementing various home styles. Standard rectangle size downspouts are 2” X 3” and oversized are 3” X 4”. Please contact Lindholm Roofing today to see what size if best for your home or business. Lindholm Roofing ensures precise installation, maximizing both functionality and appearance.

rectangular downspouts

High Capacity

Rectangular downspouts handle larger volumes of water, ideal for substantial roof areas.


Their robust construction resists damage, providing long-lasting performance.

Aesthetic Appeal

Available in various finishes, they enhance your home’s curb appeal while maintaining functionality.

Size Options

Standard 2” X 3”  drains approximately 725 square feet of steep slope roofing. Oversized 3” X 4” drains approximately 1775 square feet of steep slope roofing.

Round Downspouts

Round downspouts offer a classic look and efficient water flow management. Their smooth design minimizes clogging risks, ensuring uninterrupted water discharge. Trust Lindholm Roofing for expert installation, ensuring reliability and aesthetic integration with your home or business in the Chicagoland area.

downspout round


The smooth interior reduces the risk of clogs, ensuring consistent water flow.

Versatile Design

They fit well with both traditional and modern home designs, offering aesthetic flexibility.

Low Maintenance

Easy to clean and maintain, round downspouts require minimal upkeep.

Size Options

Most Common sizes are 3” round downspout drains 1,260 square feet of steep slope roofing. Also 4” Round Downspout drains 2,630 square feet of steep slope roofing. Larger custom downspouts are available, please ask your Lindholm Roofing Representative which size is best for your building.

Downspout Installation

The Lindholm Process

At Lindholm Roofing, we follow a meticulous process to ensure your downspouts are installed correctly and efficiently. Our step-by-step approach guarantees high-quality results and customer satisfaction.

  1. Assessment: We start with a thorough assessment of your home’s needs, identifying the best downspout types and placements.
  2. Planning: Our experts create a detailed plan, ensuring optimal water management and aesthetic integration.
  3. Material Selection: We select high-quality materials tailored to your home’s requirements, ensuring durability and performance.
  4. Installation: Our team installs the downspouts with precision, ensuring secure attachment and proper alignment.
  5. Testing: We test the installed downspouts to ensure they function correctly and efficiently manage water flow.
  6. Final Inspection: A final inspection is conducted to ensure everything meets our high standards and your satisfaction.

lindholm logoChoosing Lindholm Roofing means opting for quality, reliability, and expertise. Our comprehensive process ensures your downspouts are installed with precision and care. Schedule an appointment today to protect your home with our professional downspout services.

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