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Snow Removal

Protect your property this winter with Lindholm Roofing’s expert snow removal services. Trust our skilled team to safely and efficiently clear your roof, ensuring longevity and safety.

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Snow Removal Services

At Lindholm Roofing, we specialize in snow removal from various roof types, including flat roofs and shingle roofs. Our team is equipped with the knowledge and tools to handle each unique roof style, ensuring thorough and safe snow removal. Trust us to protect your roof’s integrity while removing snow and ice effectively.

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Emergency Services

Disclosure of Services

Emergency service on first come first serve basis, designed to help reduce effects of heavy winter weather. Not all homes/buildings are eligible. Each new snowfall presents new roof conditions. Speak with a project manager to see if it is recommended to perform any snow removal services.

Benefits of Snow Removal

Flat Roofs

Removing snow from flat roofs is crucial to reduce the risk of structural damage and leaks. Lindholm Roofing prioritizes safe access to your flat roof to perform effective snow removal. Choose us for our expertise in handling flat roofs, ensuring a safe and thorough service.

snow on flat roof

Prevents Leakage

Proper snow removal vastly reduces the risk of water damage and leaks, maintaining your roof’s integrity.

Structural Safety

Regular snow clearance reduces weight and stress on your flat roof, ensuring structural safety.


Keeping your flat roof clear of snow prolongs its lifespan, saving you money in the long run.

Efficient Drainage

Clearing snow from your roof will allow proper drainage, preventing water accumulation and potential damage.

Energy Efficiency

Snow removal helps maintain insulation efficiency, reducing heating costs.

Benefits of Snow Removal

Shingle Roofs

Snow accumulation on shingle roofs can lead to significant damage. Lindholm Roofing emphasizes safe roof access to efficiently clear snow, preserving your roof’s condition. Choose our experienced team for reliable snow removal services that protect your shingle roof.

snow removal from a shingle roof

Damage Prevention

Regular snow removal prevents ice dams and shingle damage, maintaining roof integrity.

Leak Prevention

Keeping your shingle roof clear of snow and ice reduces the risk of leaks.

Enhanced Longevity

Proper snow management extends the life of your shingle roof.

Improved Insulation

Removing snow aids in maintaining optimal insulation and temperature control.

Structural Protection

Snow clearance minimizes the load on your roof, safeguarding against structural issues.

Benefits of Snow Removal

Ice Damming

Ice damming in gutters is a critical winter issue that can lead to severe water damage. Our skilled team ensures safe roof access and uses specialized techniques, making us a reliable choice for protecting your home from ice-related damages.

ice damming

Maintains Gutter Health

Regular clearing of ice keeps your gutters functional and extends their lifespan.

Enhances Roof Longevity

Reducing ice dams protects your roof’s integrity, contributing to its overall longevity.

Prevents Mold Growth

By reducing ice dams, we reduce the risk of mold and mildew development in your home.

Increases Energy Efficiency

Clearing ice dams helps maintain your home’s insulation, leading to better energy efficiency.

Minimizes Water Damage

Proper ice dam removal reduces the risk of water from seeping into your home. Installing heat cables along the gutter edge, or applying non corrosive salt can reduce ice damming, saving you on costly repairs.

Snow Removal

The Lindholm Process

At Lindholm Roofing, we follow a systematic and safe approach to snow removal. Our process ensures efficient snow clearance while maintaining the integrity of your roof.

  1. Accessing the Roof: We start by safely accessing your roof using specialized equipment, ensuring that our team can work effectively without risk.
  2. Snow Clearance: Our experts use shovels and rakes to carefully remove snow from your roof. This method is gentle on roofing materials, preventing any damage.
  3. Ice Melting: We apply non-corrosive salt to areas with ice accumulation. This step is crucial for melting ice safely without harming your roof’s surface.
  4. Safety Measures: Throughout the process, safety is our top priority. We adhere to strict safety protocols to protect both our team and your property.

lindholm logoChoosing Lindholm Roofing for snow removal means prioritizing the safety and longevity of your roof. Our meticulous process, combining safety with efficiency, ensures that your roof is well-maintained and protected against winter hazards. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience the peace of mind that comes with the Lindholm standard of care.

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