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Common Customer Questions

Do you really provide free, no-obligation estimates?

Absolutely – we value each of our potential customers, and it is no inconvenience whatsoever to come have a look at your home. We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to provide you with a complimentary estimate for the work that you might require. Our experienced estimators will come out and evaluate your situation and provide an honest assessment including what we would recommend.


How long will it take for you to complete work on my roof?

For residential roofs, one or two days is the norm (of course, if your roof is very large – or if substantive repairs are required – it could take a bit longer). The weather can also delay the process, but we will always ensure the roof is watertight from beginning to end.


Can you just cover over my existing shingles instead of tearing them off?

Sometimes we can, depending on your roof and what’s up there. Most re-roofs should be evaluated on a case by case basis. Generally speaking, tearing off existing materials, inspecting the wood underneath (as well as the general integrity of your roof structure) and then installing your new roof will guarantee optimum long-term performance.


What do you do about roof flashings?

Flashings are used wherever something intersects the roof. These are the most important areas of your roof. Various materials can be used to protect these areas: sheet metal (copper, galvanized steel, aluminum), Lead, ice and water shield, membranes, and sealants can be integrated at siding, chimneys, walls, gutter lines, skylights, pipes, and vents. If the existing flashing is in good shape they can sometimes be re-used. However, since flashing can be the most critical roof component we recommend new flashings if there is any concern about the existing.


What should I do with my gutters?

You may want new gutters because of aesthetics, poor drainage, or to stop annoying leaks. We can replace gutters with or without a new roof. We install copper, galvanized steel and aluminum gutters. When a roof is ready to be replaced, the gutters may also be on their last legs. Our roofing professionals will be able to determine this for you and explain the benefits of replacing your roof and gutters together.


What is Ice and Water Shield and do you install it?

Ice and Water shield is a protective underlayment that is put on over the wood deck prior to any shingles. It is used as an extra layer of protection in areas that are most prone to leaking and ice backup problems. We typically install Ice and Water shield along the eaves, around chimneys, skylights, and in all valleys.


What do you do about skylights?

For a new skylight installation, there’s no better time to have the work done than when you’re replacing the roof on your house. If you have skylights that leak or give you other problems, we will come out and diagnose the problem to the best of our ability. In this day and age skylights on shingle roofs have become much more common, and affordable. If you would like to add a skylight let our estimators know and we will provide you with a variety of options.


Do you clean up around our home once you’ve finished?

We’ll rake and sweep all debris from the roof and around the house (sidewalks, driveways, etc.). Then we’ll use nail magnets to find and pick up all nails. Lastly, we’ll perform a final inspection of your new roof and your grounds to assure your complete satisfaction.


Do you carry workers compensation insurance or liability insurance?

We are fully insured for both workers’ comp and general liability coverage. What this means to you is that you will never be responsible for any of these expenses. We will be happy to provide certificates of insurance for you.


How can I (the homeowner) help prevent future roofing problems?

At least annually, take a peek at your roof to see if there are any cracked or missing shingles, deteriorated flashing, loose seams and other signs of problems. Indoors, check for discolored drywall, peeling wallpaper or cracked paint, which may be due to the roof. If you see any of these, call Lindholm Roofing, for an immediate evaluation (the faster we can solve your problem, the more we can mitigate further damage).


Are you an experienced contractor?

The Lindholm’s have been in business since 1949. With more than 50 years of experience, we’re happy to provide you with a list of references who will confirm that we do our work as promised. We stand by our work and will provide knowledgeable, honest answers to your questions.


How do I know if I need a new roof?

Inspect your roof for signs such as missing or cracked shingles, granules in gutters, and areas of sagging. Inside, look for ceiling stains or mold as these may indicate a leak. If your roof is more than 20 years old, consider getting a professional assessment, as that’s usually the lifespan of many roofing materials.


How can I find a contractor that I can trust?

Surveys have shown that the number one criteria most people use to pick a roofing contractor is trust. The NRCA (national roofing contractors association) recommends that you look for a contractor who fits the following criteria.

  1. Has a proven track record (check references, talk to your local building department, look at work they’ve done in your area)
  2. Is stable (How long have they been in business? Who owns the company? If you have an old phone book, check if they were in it)
  3. Provides expertise (Are installers experienced? Does the contractor provide training and oversight of work? Has the contractor achieved certifications from manufacturers?)
  4. Provides an understandable contract (Don’t sign something you can’t understand. Make sure you understand what you are getting, what it will cost and when payments are due)