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Elevate your home with our premium Metal Roofing Services, combining aesthetics and durability for optimal satisfaction. Choose Lindholm Roofing for skilled craftsmanship, tailored solutions, and unparalleled customer service.

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Types of Metal Roofs

At Lindholm Roofing, we specialize in three key metal roofing services: Standing Seam, Steel Panels, and Copper Panels. Each comes with its unique benefits and visual appeal, suited to various architectural styles and functionality requirements. Trust us to deliver top-quality installations, replacements, and maintenance for all these roofing options.

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Benefits of Standing Seam

Standing Seam

Standing seam metal roofing, with its robust and weather-resistant qualities, is a popular choice among homeowners. As Lindholm Roofing, we harness decades of expertise and advanced tools to flawlessly install and maintain these roofs. Choosing us means investing in quality, durability, and a worry-free roofing experience.

standing seam metal roofing


Standing seam roofs offer unparalleled longevity, lasting decades with minimal maintenance. This longevity translates into significant cost savings over time.

Weather Resistant

These roofs provide excellent weather resistance, protecting your home from wind, rain, and even fire. Withstanding harsh elements ensures your home’s safety and peace of mind.

Sleek Aesthetic

The sleek lines of standing seam roofs offer a modern aesthetic appeal, adding significant curb appeal. They can be painted in various colors to match your home’s exterior.

Benefits of Steel Panels

Steel Panels

Steel panel roofs offer an efficient and economical roofing solution without compromising on durability or style. At Lindholm Roofing, our experts ensure precise installation and maintenance, using quality steel for superior performance and aesthetics. Opt for our services for reliable, high-quality steel panel roofing.

steel panel roof


Steel panel roofs are highly durable, effectively withstanding the test of time and weather. They resist damage from hail, wind, and even fire.

Energy Efficient

These roofs are energy-efficient, reflecting solar heat away from your home. This reflectivity can lead to significant energy savings during warm seasons.

Environmentally Friendly

Steel panels are environmentally friendly as they’re often made from recycled materials. Moreover, they’re fully recyclable at the end of their life.

Benefits of Copper Panels

Copper Panels

Copper panel roofing is the epitome of elegance and timelessness, enhancing your home’s aesthetics. At Lindholm Roofing, we masterfully install and maintain copper roofs, leveraging their inherent beauty and longevity. Choose our services for an unmatched blend of style and functionality.

copper panel roofs

Long Lasting

Copper roofs are incredibly long-lasting, providing beauty and protection for your home for many years. Over time, they develop a distinctive patina, adding character to your home.


These roofs are lightweight, which helps reduce stress on your home’s structure. Despite their lightness, they’re extremely durable and resistant to severe weather conditions.

Increased Home Value

Copper is a premium roofing material, which can significantly increase your property value. It’s an investment that pays for itself over time.

Metal Roofing

The Lindholm Process

At Lindholm Roofing, we believe in transparent processes that yield superior results. Here’s how we bring excellence to every metal roofing project:

  1. Initial Consultation: We discuss your needs, assess your property, and propose the best metal roofing solution.
  2. Custom Design: Based on your preferences and home’s architecture, we design your perfect roof.
  3. Material Selection: We help you choose from Standing Seam, Steel, or Copper panels to match your design.
  4. Precise Installation: Our skilled team ensures flawless installation, adhering to industry standards.
  5. Quality Checks: We perform rigorous checks to ensure your roof meets our high quality and safety standards.
  6. Aftercare Service: We offer maintenance and repair services to keep your roof in peak condition.

Trust in the Lindholm Process for an exceptional roofing experience. Our dedication to quality, precision, and customer satisfaction sets us apart in the industry. Ready for your metal roofing upgrade? Schedule an appointment with us today and let’s elevate your home together.

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