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Lindholm Roofing mainly uses three companies for their window projects: Pella Corporation, Advanced Windows Corporation, and Crystal Windows Limited. These companies bring innovative design, energy efficiency, and superior manufacturer warranties to businesses and homeowners. For more information on the windows Lindholm Roofing offers, call us at 1-888-4-ROOFER (476-6337)

Pella Corporation

Pella offers three different types of frames: Wood, Fiberglass, and Vinyl. They also offer many styles that are sure to compliment your home. To explore the styles in-depth, click here.



  • Exceptional energy efficiency
  • Consumer Digest Best Buy Awards
  • Energy Star Awards
  • Durable
  • Variety of material and style options


Advanced Windows

Advanced Windows specializes in residential homes and offers three different window lines, the 5200, 6200, and the 4500 T & T. The 4500 tilt and turn line is especially popular because it is Advanced Windows strongest and most durable product line. To read more about these three excellent lines you can visit them here.

  • Outstanding quality and durability at an affordable price
  • All vinyl
  • Energy Star compliant
  • Great warranty


Crystal Windows Limited

Crystal Windows offers solutions for any scale of commercial or residential project. They have a diverse selection and offer industry-proven quality with state-of-the-art manufacturing. To view their project gallery, click here.



  • Wide variety of options for home and commercial projects
  • Vinyl and aluminum
  • Commercial and Residential Energy Star rated windows

Skylight Installation

Improve the natural lighting of your home with a brand new skylight!
Skylights are a fantastic way to add light and brightness to your home. At Lindholm Roofing, we are highly experienced at skylight installation and can provide you with the quality skylight your home or business deserves.Residential -- The new VELUX solar powered “Fresh Air” skylight features a solar panel that captures daylight and uses it to recharge a highly efficient, fully concealed, battery powered operator and control system. The battery powered operator is the power source that opens and closes the skylight. This skylight requires no wiring which makes for an easy and cost effective installation. Great for cathedral ceilings!
Commercial -- VELUX commercial fixed skylights are great for visually expanding interior spaces. They provide an economical alternative in creating a spacious interior that is filled with natural light. VELUX offers a vast array of skylight styles and sizes for commercial applications

Not only are our team highly experienced at skylight installation, but we hope to wow you with our customer service and professionalism, as well!  Take a look at our types of skylight installation and see what our team can do for you.

New Skylights for Brighter Homes

A skylight adds a number of advantages to your home, including:
  • Natural lighting
  • Outdoor beauty
  • Energy efficiency
  • Open space

The best part about adding or replacing an existing skylight to your home is how affordable the project can be. Our team carries a variety of skylight brands, and we are sure to have one that matches your budget. Let us help you replace your skylight today!

Give our team a call and we will provide you with a very affordable pricing estimate for your skylight repair or installation project. We look forward to serving you!

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