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On March 9th I listened to an interview on WGN radio with Lou Manfredini. He was interviewing an employee from Lindholm Roofing. It may have been Michael Huston. I had already met with three other roofing company representatives about repairing or replacing my screen porch roof. I was getting different recommendations from these people about what they felt should be done to fix the problem. I’m in my late 70s, a widow and live alone. I was upset, confused and very concerned about the best was to repair the damage and who I should hire. While listening to the WGN interview on March 9th, Lou said “Lindholm is a roofing company you can trust!”. So that day I called Lindholm Roofing and spoke with Patty. She was understanding, reassuring and so very helpful! She set up an appointment for Tom Butler to come to my house to look at the porch roof. Patty is a fantastic representative for Lindholm Roofing! You are fortunate to have her as an employee. Tom butler phone me the same day, March 9th. I was very impressed he called me so quickly! He came to my house on Monday, March 11, to discuss the situation. Tom explained what repairs he thought might be able to be done, but he wanted to check with employees at Lindholm Roofing office and get their feedback as well. I was very happy when Tom told me it was decided that they could remove the damaged roof and replace it with a new PVC roof! On April 8th and 9th the new roof was constructed. Clemente, Beneseo and a third man, whose name I don’t know, worked extremely hard to do a great job! Clemente politely answered my questions, and was very knowledgeable when it came to all aspects of the roof replacement! To summarize, I am extremely happy with my new porch roof, and very impressed with all the Lindholm Roofing employees I dealt with! I will recommend your company highly to others. Lou Manfredini was right when he said, “Lindholm is a roofing company you can trust.”

Flat Roofing

Our flat roofing services are designed to provide an efficient, reliable solution to our customers, backed by our years of expertise in installing, repairing, and maintaining these unique systems. From businesses to residential buildings, we’ve given numerous customers peace of mind with roofs that stand up to the elements and stand the test of time.


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Lindholm Customer Experience Meta IconApril 16, 2024

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Lindholm Customer Experience Meta IconTom Butler