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Cedar Roofing

Our cedar roofing service enhances your home’s aesthetics and resilience with its natural beauty and robust weather resistance. We’ve had the privilege of watching customers’ reactions as they see their homes transformed by the warm, rustic appeal of our expertly-installed cedar roofs.

Gutters and Downspouts

With our expertly installed gutters and downspouts, we have successfully channeled the elements away from numerous homes, protecting their foundations and enhancing their durability. Every project speaks to our dedication to quality and performance, ensuring effective water management for our customers’ properties.


Our window installations have brought warmth, light, and energy efficiency to countless homes. We take pride in seeing our customers enjoy a better view and a more comfortable indoor environment after each expertly completed project.

Metal Roofing

At Lindholm Roofing, we apply our vast experience and expert craftsmanship to each metal roofing project, guaranteeing your home enjoys both superior protection and elevated aesthetics. Every metal roof panel we install exemplifies our dedication to resilience and quality, leaving our customers immensely pleased with a long-lasting, dependable roof they can rely on for decades to come.


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Lindholm Customer Experience Meta IconDecember 2, 2022

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Lindholm Customer Experience Meta IconTim Lindholm