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Lindholm Roofing Christmas Party!

Picnic Time!!

1st Anual company picnic this Sunday! We had a blast playing bags, volleyball and badminton. A bug congrats to the egg and waterbaloon toss winners! The raffle and food were the perfect ending to a great day by the lake. Below are some photos from the event.

What goes around comes around….we hope

I love my job, I get to meet amazing people, and hear their stories when I arrive to check on roof problems. Recently I went to see a woman who wanted us to tear off her nearly new roof. She was holding full payment from her roofer who had successfully installed her previous roof. She…

Merry Christmas!

  And Happy holidays to you. In case there is any concern, all Lindholm roofs are certified safe for reindeer hooves and sleigh rails. Santa likes the look of a well done roof; he sees a lot of roofs every year, and when he sees one of ours he knows that you have been very…

Money, Money, Money!

  When it’s time to get the new roof, the cost of roofing these days raises its ugly head. Everybody wants a bargain, and everyone wants the roof to be perfect. Folks who would never buy the rusty clunker from snidely Sam’s used car emporium are somehow attracted to the low ball roofing guys with…

Patriotic Employee’s

Leak What Leak?

Many home and business owners experience leaks in their home. Sometimes it is related to the roof and can be fixed or repaired; other times it may not be a problem with your roof. See the comments below written by an expert roofer who makes it his job to know the answers to these questions.…

Does That Roofer Look Hot to You?

How Lindholm Roofing Employee's feel about extreme heat and warning signs for Heat Exhuastion or Heat Stroke. Years ago when I was working for Lindholm Roofing on a tall roof in Oak Park some young women saw that I was looking hot and actually whistled at me!  At least that’s what I told my wife.…

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